Vera Wang Look Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 100 ml

08/10/2013 - Comment

Product Features Size: 100ml Gender: Female

Product Features

  • Size: 100ml
  • Gender: Female


ST says:

amazing or what?? the price? wow! from 72 pounds to around 20. that is totally awesome. not to mention it is an EDP so it lasts the whole day and more.i love my perfumes and sometimes they can make me a bit sick as it gets too overpowing. but this smell, is just right. freah smell that never puts me off.ill definately be back for was on time and bottle was untouched.bottle is simple and delicate. nice for any collectors out there.

Jill says:

Fabulous!! Purchased this perfume as one of my friends at work had it and it smelled gorgeous!! Couldn’t find it in the shops anywhere so turned to Amazon and as luck would have it I was able to buy it for less than half the price of what my friend had bought it for! (I have told her when she runs out where to get it from).Just love it and when I wear it everyone compliments on the smell and asks what perfume I am wearing. Brilliant for a ‘day’ perfume and also ‘night’ perfume. Love it so…

Griff 1971 says:

Girlfriend happy Bought this perfurme for my girlfriend for Xmas as it’s one of her favourite scents. She hadn’t been able to find it in the shops & believed it was no longer in ‘production’.I found it on Amazon for a great price and the product arrived within the specified time.

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