I Coloniali Perfume For Women by Atkinsons Effervescent Bath Tablet With Ginseng (30 Per Pack) 25gms

08/10/2013 - Comment


kokokonami "kokokonami" says:

I Coloniali Effervescent Bath Tablet with Ginseng I’ve been hooked on these ever since I tried them some years ago, it makes the bath smell so nice and relaxing. They are hard to find in America so on a recent trip to England, I stocked up when I found such a deal on Amazon.com. These 30 packs are priced less than the packs of 12 I usually get from speacialty stores. What a find!

Mrs. Tracey J. Alston says:

So fantastic, so relaxing they stopped my labour!!! i love these bath cubes, they smell devine, I know they are quite expensive but as a treat they are just lovely. i tend just to use half a cube at a time and personally I think that’s plenty, the whole house smells fantastic after you’ve had a bath using this product

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