Estee Lauder White Linen For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 30ml

01/10/2013 - Comment


Mrs C "Chris in Hampshire" says:

A Sure Favourite “White Linen” by Esteee Lauder is a long standing, tried and tested fragrance in their range. It does not disappoint. Being one of the more vintage Estee Lauder perfumes, it has a better and longer staying power than the newer ones to the range.It is (in my opinion) a good all round perfume that is crisp amd refreshing which can be used for day or evening wear for any age group. I think that usually it is the 40+ range that buy it and it is a shame that the younger ladies seem to…

Jean says:

Always one of my favourite perfumes I have been using this perfume for years and always come back to it. I prefer the Eau de parfum rather than Eau de toilette as it’s much longer lasting. It is a perfume that can be used at any time as it’s not too overpowering. It was a very good price and thank you, particularly, to the buyer who warned not to confuse it with New White Linen.

Tracy A says:

Lovely! White Linen has been my long time favourite scent, its a light floral based perfume; better for day use than evening. I’ve used other perfumes but always come back to this one. However, its very expensive even in specialist perfume retailers and my budget recently hasn’t really stretched to treating myself too often!! However, I found this perfume on Amazon for under half the price for the same size and it was with me in 2 days with free delivery. Amazon, you’ve done it again!!

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