Emporio Armani Diamonds Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 50 ml

09/08/2013 - Comment


C. L. Mahon "Book Worm" says:

beautiful floral scent I adore this perfume. I cannot wear perfumes that are too heavy and like light, fresh, floral scents (ie Estee Lauder Beautiful, Giorgio, Lacoste Inspiration, etc) and this one fits the bill perfectly. I have had many, many compliments when wearing this perfume and have also had compliments about the scent hours after I’ve applied it, which is nice to know it lasts, as after a very short period I can’t smell it on myself any longer, which is a shame! I’ll definitely be replacing my one once…

S. L. Dickinson says:

Diamonds are a girls best friend Reading a magazine one day, I came across an interview with Beyonce, where she claimed her favourite perfume was the “Armani Diamonds”. I’ve always being a fan of Armani; I have a few pairs of their glasses and perfumes so when I read that the Armani Diamonds was one of my celebrities favourite perfume, I was quite anxious to know what the “Armani Diamonds” smelt like because if Beyonce likes it then it must be something pretty special.I visited my local Boots store and sprayed the…

Michelle says:

Gorgeous Perfume at Great Price I have worn this perfume for years and this is a great price for 100ml. Prompt, efficient service. Would highly recommend

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