Burberry Original Eau Du Parfum Spray 100ml

10/08/2013 - Comment


MancBaby77 "MancBaby77" says:

Gorgeous unique scent I am a pefume fanatic and own about forty bottles of perfume, – and this stands head and shoulders above the rest ! This is so cheap to buy now compared to when it first came out, (can be found in places like Wilkinsons or Bodycare) yet to me it still smells so expensive and luxurious. I ALWAYS , always come back to this perfume and of all the scents I own, this is one that people always ask me about when I wear it. It lasts so well , and the smell is so unique – to me there’s nothing like it…

Skyblue "Jennifer B" says:

Love the Classics! Burberry Original EDP 100ml. Love this perfume. Long time favourite very recognisable fragrance similar to Ghost Deep Night, to my nose anyway. But Burberry Original is no new kid on the block and has been around for donkeys years. It’s so appealing a warm, spicy winter sent worn all seasons round by me. My second bottle. Good price and delivery.

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