Beyonce Heat Perfume EDP 100ml

07/08/2013 - Comment


Sweetness says:

AMAZING!!!!!! when i ordered this perfume I knew it smelt good coz one of my friends used to have it but i think i had forgotten just how good it was,…the delivery was quick which was really great and also i loved the smell as soon as i sprayed it, smells so good it makes you feel sexy!…i would recommend it for someone looking for a sexy,sensual scent…

S. Agha "Runway Diva Extroadinaire" says:

Overrated I heard amazing reviews for this on the internet so ordered myself a bottle. It’s called Heat so you expect it to have that warm smell, but it’s more fruity than warm. I was not impressed. It smelt a little on the cheap and unsophisticated side. It’s not terrible, just overrated.

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