Timex Sport Marathon Fullsize Quartz Watch with LCD Dial Digital Display and Black Resin Strap T5K4234E

09/08/2013 - Comment

Product Features Watch, Presentation box, Watch Cushion, Guarantee

Product Features

  • Watch, Presentation box, Watch Cushion, Guarantee


D. R. Mcmahon "Drew" says:

Good Reliable Watch! Im a serving member of the forces and an avid distance runner. This watch is ideal for me as it is robust for the military side of life and looks OK too. It also does very well for my running watch as the screen and digits are large. Not only that but you do not need to have the watch face exactly parallel to viewing in order to get a good display of the digits. Also handy is the notch in the buckle which helps to hold the strap perfectly in place! I am deploying to Afghan in a few weeks and…

V. Rehanek says:

Great watch great price These are my 1nd timex watch and I’m impressed. They are bigger than I thought they going to be and they look great for [].I wanted watch which I could take to gym and swimming pool and sauna. These are 50m water resist which should be more than enough for that. (I used my casio splash proof watches for diving up to 35m in Red sea and they were OK).They got indiglo light which is great for nightime and the numbers are more than 1cm big so very easy to see time even bleary eyed in…

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