Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme For Men Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml (Super Concentrate)

23/09/2013 - Comment


tinq says:

YSL pour homme eau de toilette I first experienced this fragrance in Paris when I was 17 (30 years ago), it seemed to be everywhere and made a big impression. I think it is totally unique and so sophisticated, the top notes include lemon and basil but the best is when it has settled and becomes deep warm almost spicy, I adore it and think the old fragrances are the best,new ones are coming out every week but they all seem the same to me. Age wise I think for the man 25 plus.

Alsie94 says:

Good but wrong photo I love Yves Saint Laurent pour homme EDT and the item is as descibed in the dialogue BUT BEWARE the picture is incorrect and displays the HC version. The one I received was the red top bottle.

Janwan says:

My favourite It was my husbands aftershave in 1977 when I met him and I loved it. Still do. He’s tried other aftershaves but this is my favourite and I bought him some more for his birthday.

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