Kiton by Kiton Eau de Toilette 125ml

07/02/2015 - Comment

tbc Product Features Size: 125ml Gender: Male


Product Features

  • Size: 125ml
  • Gender: Male


Sonniex says:

Amazing Mens Aftershave 0

Anonymous says:

I prefer lighter fragrances to overpowering ones, and especially I like ones which are quite understated but ooze quality – Kiton is just that. I’ve no idea why this product hasn’t been marketed a bit more aggressively. I’ve been asked by numerous people who, after they smell it, ask me what is it and where it can be bought – Invariably they’ve never heard of the brand (although Kiton does make ridiculously expensive clothes), and it’s quite a difficult brand to get hold of (although it’s here…

Anonymous says:


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