Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette Spray for Men 75 ml

07/08/2013 - Comment


M. Dowden says:

In Your Face From a uniquely designed bottle to an instantly recognisable scent Jean Paul Gautier has gone all out here. This is a definitely in your face fragrance as the scent is quite strong when you first appply it. If you think that you would be offended by getting glances by your own sex and smiles then do not buy this.With mint and lavender it has a strong overtone of vanilla, and is supposed to bring out the cotradictions in men, both your hard masculine side and your more soft caring feminine side (who thinks up these sales gimmicks?). When you first put this on you will instantly recognise the vanilla, but this does die down a little throughout the day, so that it isn’t so strong. Of all the fragrances I have used over the years this has to have the longest lasting scent, and must be the most recognisable.If you are going to get a fragrance say for your dad then I would steer clear of this and possibly go for something likeArmani Eau Pour Homme by Giorgio…

LMC says:

AMAZING Oh God… this fragance just turns me on!!!When i first met my husband, he was using JPG and i just fall in love by him, the fragance and all the sensuality surronding us… everytime he uses JPG, even after 8years, i still feel the same feelings i felt on that very first day… it’s amazing!!!I totally recommend… is a unique fragance… and very unique for us…!!!

ali says:

Possibly been sold an expired bottle The Bottle of Jean Paul gautieer I have purchased off of amazon is possibly out of date. From past experiance of purchasing JPG Le Male, I have come to expect a quality fragrance with outstanding projection and longevity however the juice inside this bottle could’nt hold a candle to any of my previous bottles of JPG. Although the bottle itself is genuine, I fear that this bottle that has been sold to me is not within it’s recomended shelf life. Although I do realise that it may be too late for me to get a refund, I would advise anyone contemplating purchasing a fragrance from amazon (or e-bay for that matter) to re-think and buy from a reputable fragrance seller online e.g. Fragrancedirect, clickfragrance, perfumepoint or better yet instore

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