Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml

17/09/2013 - Comment


John1802 says:

Rich Scent, Perfect For A Night Out. Excellent product, having caught my attention from the adverts I was already inclined to buy it. Yet I had already purchased two other fragrances which made me leave it thinking I didn’t want too many for fear of wasting money. However, strolling through Boots with the girlfriend one day I noticed the tester and said to my better half that I like the look of it from the previously mentioned adverts. She agreed and proceeded to test some in the regular way, the smell right away was amazing and…

Sam says:

Hugo Boss Midnight It’s stupid trying to describe a smell in words, so I’m not going to bother.I’ll just say that this aftershave is really nice. The smell of the alcohol takes a while to wear off but when it does the aftershave itself is very good.Also it lasts for ages, unlike some others.Go to a shop and smell it though before you buy any aftershave off the internet. Smells are down to personal preference, and just because I like it, doesn’t mean you will.

DRGD says:

Seize the night Hugo Boss has been making manly scents for years. As I am always on the look out for a different scent to help mix up my collection of fragrances I was delighted to see that this new product had been released. It is a long lasting fragrance which isn’t overpowering in the way some Eau de Toilette sprays can be (particularly when they are first applied). I would recommend this product to anyone looking to try something new.

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