Giorgio Beverly Hills Yellow Homme Eau De Toilette Spray 118ml

04/10/2013 - Comment

Product Features recommended for evening wear

Product Features

  • recommended for evening wear


Mr. P. Dore "realm-3" says:

it was so cheap I have not bothered with EDT for a couple of years simply because I use Van Gils ‘strictly for men’. It is no longer sold in the UK. and only available from a Dutch web site and for more money than I can afford. I was tempted by this offer for a large bottle 118ml ‘GBH’ as it was so cheap under £14? At that price it is a good purchase, I wouldn’t pay more though, there is a overbearing intense ‘sweet’ note that is often detected with cheaper brands.

The Wolf says:

A Big-Boned Old-Timer This is the kind big-boned 80’s (1984) bad-boy which probably felt mostat home when worn very liberally in conjunction with a shirt unbuttonedto a point exactly four inches above the navel. It lacks subtlety andthis has a great deal to do with its enduring charm. Nobody buildsfragrances like this anymore and truth-be-told it would take a braveman to wear it in a confined public place (two squirts would be morethan enough to contaminate a tube carriage from…

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