Giorgio Beverly Hills Yellow Eau De Toilette Spray 90 ml

17/10/2013 - Comment


smiley says:

Rubbish I was very disappointed with this purchase of Giorgio Beverley Hills eau de toilette spray – it was nothing like the fragrance I know and love having worn Giorgio Beverley Hills for 20 years plus. It was nothing more than a fake and I was well and truly had!! Thank you Amazon for refunding my money.

zebaddee says:

genuine ? I have not had to do this kind of thing before, but compared to theprevious Giorgio sprays I have purchased this just doesn’t ring quite trueit doesn’t seem to have the same colour or the strength of smell ofperfume of the same make, and the previous bottles we have purchased havebeen 74% volume, so I am pretty sure this is not a genuine item, butpossibly the price reflects this, so I should not be totally surprised,but I don’t think I will purchases any more.

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