Fcuk French Connection Connect Him Eau de Toilette Spray for Men 100 ml

07/08/2013 - Comment


JayAhmed says:

Not what i expected i’m one of those guys who cant have enough aftershave and cologne / mens fragrances! i bought this after smelling it in a perfume shop and seeing that amazon were selling it for a THIRD of the price! i mean.. what a bargain right? well this is what happened! i recieved it and packaging was great but the smell wasnt! it smelt the same as the one in the shop, dont get me me wrong! but it was so light compared to the one in the shop which smelt strong and intense and the projection was medium, which is good right! but this one from amazon wouldnt stay on the skin. i literally sprayed 6 sprays each time i used it because it smelt and felt really diluted! i’m not saying its not a genuine product (i’ve always been happy with amazon) but… maybe something went wrong in the solution in the bottle? and the atomiser was stiff and hard to press down on compared to the one in the shop. overall its a citrusy summery smell! not amazing but a fresh everyday smell if u can get it to stick on! i…

karl says:

1 click purchase do not press 1 click purchase as you end up being charged for all kinds of extras like postage and vat its a rip off.

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