Diesel Zero Plus Eau De Toilette Spray for Men 75ml

07/08/2013 - Comment


MonkeyMan says:

Modern Old Spice This fragrance is essentially a modern take on Old Spice. Which is a good thing. It’s spicy and warm, great for the winter months, and lasts a good while. The dominating note is cinnamon, and has a very nice balance between spice and sweetness. However, the fragrance is rather linear, so what you get in the first hour is what you get throughout pretty much.The scent is very powerful to begin with (for about 2 hours it projects like a monster), and then dies down a little whilst still being noticeable. You will get compliments on this. Overall, Zero Plus is a very good cologne and at a ridiculously cheap price. In my opinion it’s not quite as good as Plus Plus, but it has all the great things about Old Spice but for a younger market. Try it out!Versatility: 7/10Longevity: 9/10Projection: 7/10Scent: 8/10

A. Gorani "Andi G" says:

Great Smell Great smell, very woody just what i wanted.feels so nice in palm ;P would buy again 😉

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