Calvin Klein Obsession For Men Eau De Toilette Spray 125ml

15/08/2013 - Comment


Mathew Philip Vernon Palmer says:

Obsession Each to his own, I like this as it is not heavy and is quite refreshing.

Mr. Gordon Mackenzie says:

Obsession is good. 🙂 This is a very good product and was a very good price and delivery. Long lasting and great smelling, I have used it for years and the Amazon supplier was about the most competitive at the time of purchase. No problems and great comms too.

M. Dowden says:

My Personal Favourite I love this fragrance, it is subtle and understated. With spices, botanicals and rare woods you are here given a subtle and exquisite scent. With bergamot and mandarin you also have sage and myrrh, leading to nutmeg and clove with amber, musk and sandlewood.This is really a timeless classic and in my opinion the best male scent on the market, when I wear it I always get comments like how nice I smell and smiles as I wander pass women. Definitely something for your seduction…

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