Calvin Klein Crave Eau De Toilette Spray 40ml

09/08/2013 - Comment


C. M. Luckin says:

Great smell, modern packaging & very reasonable! I understand this product was “limited edition” so was pleased to find it stocked here as you cannot buy this in high street stores. The smell is really refreshing so I would say it could be used every day and is very reasonably priced.

Kimi says:

Wow! Wow this is an amazing product! my bf always wears this and i never knew what it was called and it smelled so gorgeous that i had to hunt it down! it took me ages to find it and lucky they sell it on here at such a cheap price! (cheaper than if you go to a normal perfume shop)..all i can say is that its deffinately one of the best mens perfume ive ever smelled… i would suggest buying it for your partner!! 5 stars from me…

Aaron says:

great scent This smells great, and the bottle is unique, and regulates how uch you use- therefore, it lastsw for a long time. This has become my signature scent, and it’s well known and liked by everyone that has ever smelled it- Great buy, makes a good present

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