Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolate Selection Box 800g

09/08/2013 - Comment

Cadburys Milk Tray 800g

Cadburys Milk Tray 800g


Eagleuk says:

Very Nice Quality Chocolates and 2 Levels to enjoy 🙂 I think most people by now would have already tried a milk tray and this box won’t let you down!This is a massive milk tray (bigger then you think) contains 2 layers of chocolates so don’t panic if you finish the first tray!Quality is always going to be good with Cadburys and they have clearly been store appropriately.Buy now or starve!

Anonymous says:

Chocolates are like people some we like some not so much and well some not at all.Bought this box on lightening deals for a pressie. Was stunned for the price a double layer treat of the most sumptuous tasty chocolates ever. Beautifully presented once opened the smell made your mouth water it wafted upward tempting everyone to oh and ah I wonder.By the end of the night not one chocolate was left not one. No how’s that for value for money!

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